Congratulations to Julie on becoming Firewall’s April Athlete of the Month!! Your hard work and dedication to the gym never ceases to impress us.  Here are a few questions and answers we did with Julie:


  1. What has been your favorite part about CrossFit?

This is hard to choose! There is not much I don’t love! If I have to choose one thing, it would be the amazing support system. I went into CrossFit with very little self-confidence especially when it came to my personal strength. In just a few short months, the community (coaches and members) has pushed me beyond what I ever thought I could do. I am so grateful for those who believe and push me each day! It makes the gym a great place to be!

2. What is your favorite CrossFit workout you’ve completed?

My favorite CrossFit workout is any workout when I push myself to do something I haven’t done before. It is an awesome feeling when you add a bit more weight or do a movement that you previously were unable to do! Okay, okay…and the workouts that don’t involve running 🙂

3. What is a CrossFit goal you want to accomplish by the end of the summer?

I have a long-term goal of being able to do RX movements during the workouts. I am not ready for the RX weights yet, but I would like to slowly build my strength so that I am able to complete the workouts as written!

4. What advice would you give for someone who is thinking about joining a CrossFit gym?

DO IT! I was very hesitant for a long time and I really wish I joined sooner. The CrossFit Firewall community make it very easy to fit right in and get started. They help you understand the movements and answer all of your questions. You get an amazing workout everyday and make some awesome friends too! I would also suggest that once you join, you really take advantage of all the opportunities. I have learned the most from these experiences like Friday Night Lights, monthly goals and now quarterly meetings!

5. What is your favorite part about CrossFit Firewall?

Everyone is so friendly and welcoming. I have met so many new people and made some new friends. It is awesome how complete strangers have been there to cheer and clap me on as I attempt to do what I thought was impossible. It is such a welcoming and kind atmosphere, I love it!

6. How has CrossFit affected you outside of the gym?

CrossFit has become a part of my daily routine and I can’t say enough about what that has done for me. It has not only improved more overall physical health but my mental health as well. I love being at the gym; it is something I look forward to everyday. As I said before, it has really pushed me to my limits and beyond and that translates into everything I do outside of the gym. It is something I am really proud of.

7. If you could go on a vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

Well, truth be told, I am PETRIFIED of planes and flying so I don’t travel much. I have been on planes, and will go on them again but they terrify me! So, if I could vacation anywhere in the world I would love to do a National Parks trip out West! It seems SO beautiful out there and I think it would be the trip of a lifetime! It is fun to get out of New England and see what this country has to offer!