Congratulations Dave!  Your hardwork ethic has been a paramount part of CrossFit Firewall since the day you started to help build this place with us from the ground up.  As expected, the hard work you do day in and day out on the farm is exactly what we get out of you every single day in class.  Your progress has been duly noted by all members of Firewall encouraging them to stick with the process and push their limits (both mental and physical).  Thank you so much for everything you have done for us.  We hope to give back to you at the very least half of what you have given us.


Here are a few questions Dave answered for us:


  1. How did you start CrossFit?

Open minded, on my way to being over weight, 15 year old gym shorts. – oh yea “ with guns blasting”


2. What is your favorite part about CrossFit?

I must say my favorite part of CrossFit is being able to go. Meaning, I am fortunate enough to be able to get out of bed in the morning and do the WOD. Things could be a lot worse than how I feel after 50 burpees or toes-to-bars, and I am so grateful for that.



3. What would you recommend to someone interested in joining a CrossFit gym?

I am not one to push or preach anything, but I would recommend to someone who is a newbie to CrossFit to go and do “what you can”.  Do not worry about anyone else in the gym – no one is judging you on your performance but at least attempt it. I need to add if you’re going to be someone interested in joining and putting in the time to also change the way you eat – not a diet – just be conscious what goes into your body.  ALSO be ready to have a whole NEW group of great peeps!


4. How has CrossFit effected your life outside of the gym?

I FEEL GREAT – seriously – I DO. The days I do not come to the “BOX” I feel lethargic, sluggish and cloudy. As I mentioned to you guys a couple months ago, I was taken off my cholesterol medications – That’s a wonderful accomplishment. When I started taking this “staten” to combat this moderately high cholesterol, I did not realize that medications can change the way you feel, and not in a good way. When I no longer took the medicine I felt like my old self. I need to add that I was on this medicine for 18 months prior to joining Firewall and was working out at another gym. I rest my case. And now 15 pounds lighter and 2 belt sizes thinner is also a pretty good perk!


5. What is your favorite class to attend?

Honestly I enjoy any class that gets your CARDIO going. I just feel real good after a great sweat.



6. Which accomplishment are you most proud of since you started CrossFit?

I never set any goals prior to joining, but seeing results makes it a lot easier getting up for the 5:30 AM class.



7. If you were able to vacation any place in the world, where would it be and why?

Bora Bora South Pacific because it just looks like PARADISE.