Congratulations Dave on earning Firewall September Athlete of the Month!


We caught up with Dave and asked him a few questions, here they are!

  1.    How did you start CrossFit?

I started CrossFit “officially” when my neighbor invited me to join him for one of CrossFit Firewall’s “bring a friend day’s”.


2.     What is your favorite part about CrossFit and CrossFit Firewall?

 For me, this question has a few layers, so much like the beginning of one of our workouts, I’ll break it down and take it from the top.  First, starting with my favorite part about CrossFit.  I’d say that my favorite part about CrossFit is the ability to participate in a sport that CONSTANTLY points out areas that you need to improve in as an athlete.  I’ve always been interested in seeing how far I can take an exercise or activity, whether it’s CrossFit, running, rock climbing, football, you name it.  I enjoy living far outside of my comfort zone.  It’s in those moments that you learn the most about yourself, and CrossFit gives me the opportunity to do that each and every day.

Now onto a few other things that I love about CrossFit, and in-particular, CrossFit Firewall.  I love the inherent competition that is built into every CrossFit workout.  I think it makes people perform better and it drives people to achieve things that they never expected they would achieve.  I love CrossFit Firewall because of the community and coaching.  I grew up in Holliston, moved away for about 7 years after college, and when I got back, I found that this town now has so much more to offer than it did 10 years ago.  CrossFit Firewall is part of that.  The community built by Bucky and Dave, is incredibly inspiring, and honestly makes this town feel like “home” more than it ever has before!


3.      A year from now, where would you like to be in your fitness journey?

I don’t have any measurable achievements identified for where I’d like my fitness to be, just the fact that I see progress every day that I work out makes me feel pretty fulfilled.  I think most importantly, I’d like to develop my ability to breakdown different exercises, better understand what I’m doing right or wrong, and be able to self coach/improve, which I think will come in time.  So long as I continue to have fun, learn, and grow, I’m happy, and I don’t see that changing anytime in the foreseeable future.


4.     What are some of your hobbies outside of CrossFit?

 Outside of CrossFit, I enjoy rock climbing, both indoor and outdoor, and I enjoy spending time with my soon to be wife, Kim and my Great Danes, Sunny and Coal.  Downtime is fairly infrequent these days so I try to work that into my schedule as much as possible.


5.     What piece of advice would you give to someone new either just starting CrossFit or just looking to try out a class for the first time?

The main piece of advice that I’d give somebody trying out CrossFit for the first time is to go into it with a completely open mind.  There is a reason that you are there trying your first workout.  It’s because deep down, one way or another, you want to improve your fitness.  Don’t ever be discouraged in a workout.  Rather, humble-up, understand that everybody has something that they need to work on, and go into every future class with a goal.  For me, that goal is to finish every workout standing up, and take away one thing that you can do better next time.  If you go into every class with that mindset, you will get addicted real fast, and you will have an eagerness to walk into CF Firewall the next day, and the day after that.


6.     What is your favorite CrossFit movement and workout that you’ve done so far?


My favorite CrossFit movements are the snatch and the clean + jerk.  First, I think that it’s incredible how we as humans have the ability to lift an inordinate amount of weight over our heads.  Second, I’d consider these movements as one of my many weaknesses, so every time that I work on them, I typically see some small improvement, and that gives me an incredible sense of accomplishment.

My favorite workouts are the long chippers (particularly when they involve a barbell).  I like them because those types of workouts immediately take everyone out of their comfort zone.  The fact that you’re willingly walk into a workout like that means that you’re a special person, and those are the types of people that I like to surround myself with.  There’s no better feeling than giving and receiving high-fives with everyone after those long grueling workouts.


7.     What is your favorite sport, favorite sports team and favorite sport to play?

These days, outside of CrossFit, my favorite sport is probably rockclimbing.  When rock climbing, you must completely trust your climbing partner, especially on those tall multi-pitch climbs, and much like a long chipper, there is an EXTREME sense of accomplishment to be shared once your feet finally get back on the ground.

My favorite sports team is by far the Patriots, and back in Highschool and College, Football was my favorite sport to play.  If you’re still reading this, it likely comes as no surprise, but the reason that I LOVE football is because it forces you to completely focus on what’s directly in front of you, allowing you to forget the last play, and not worry about the next play.  The Patriots do this better than any team, and I think that we could all use a little more of this in our lives.



Some final thoughts:

I want to give a HUGE shout out to my Fiancee Kim, Bucky, Dave, and the entire CrossFit Firewall community.  You make every morning exciting and allow me to feel an immense sense accomplishment, long before most normal people even wake up.  Kim, thank you for having a double shot of espresso ready for me every morning at 4:30 am.  That’s the real gasoline to my engine in case anybody was wondering 😉  Thanks Everyone!!