Congrats Sanj on earning our first athlete of the month in 2018!! We are so thrilled to have you as a part of our community.  Here is a little Q&A we did with Sanj:

  1. How did you first hear about CrossFit?

Facebook / Internet / Neighbor (Steve)

2. Why did you decide to try CrossFit?

On a warm spring day, I saw a young buck with a healthy build mowing the lawn at my neighbors house.  The dude had his shirt off  and I thought to myself,   “Ann got herself a new lawn guy and Steve Roy is not gonna have it.”   Come to find out as I got closer to the house, this dude mowing his yard with his shirt off was Steve Roy!  I was like daaaamn Steve!  

3. What is your favorite movement and why?

The one where Bucky says, “crack that walnut” 

4. What piece of advice would you give to someone who is thinking about starting CrossFit?

Take it easy, enjoy yourself, and make it a routine.

5. How has CrossFit affected your life outside of the gym?

CrossFit has most definitely changed my life outside of the gym.  I feel inspired each day I leave the gym and am thankful for both Dave and Bucky who dedicate themselves to coming to work day in and day out, month after month.  

6. What is your favorite part about CrossFit Firewall?

Seeing other’s progress as well as my own.

7. Who is more into CrossFit, you or your wife?

Aman is a little more into CrossFit,  but that is because she likes everything I do and  wants to be like me.

8. Who is your favorite band and have you ever seen them in concert?

 The 2 Live Crew – never saw em in concert.