***We will be performing the CROSSFIT TOTAL on Wednesday. If you plan on coming in for a class and are really trying to PR your lifts, feel free to come in on Tuesday BUT go easy on the workout and just move through at a casual pace. Do NOT add in high intensity***

Teams of 3…
Station 1: 7/5 Cal Bike + 14 Hang Kettlebell Snatches (70,53)
Station 2: 21/18 Cal Row
Station 3: Rest
**Each partner starts at one of the stations. The rotation is predicated on the row. Whichever partner is on Station 1 continues to work through the station as much as they can until the row is completed at Station 2. The partner who was at Station 3 will continue from where the partner at Station 1 left off. The partner from Station 1 moves to Station 2 and the partner from Station 2 moves to Station 3.