Congratulations to Beena, our June Athlete of the Month!!  She is one incredible woman with an amazing sense of humor which presents itself in her Q&A with us below:

  1. What is your favorite part about CrossFit Firewall?

That feeling when I complete an EMOM and Amrap! I can’t even walk up to my car, but it’s definitely better than munching on freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.  I also feel great afterwards!



  1. What is your proudest accomplishment at the gym so far?

I can literally climb a wall! The wall walk is my number one brag from now on!


  1. If you were to recommend Firewall to someone, what would you tell them?

Everyday when I come home, I think that my body will fall apart like in jenga, when somebody pulls the wrong block. But then within days I feel so much stronger, faster, and confident in my ability to do work outside and inside the gym that it makes the challenging workouts that much more rewarding.



  1. How has your increased fitness inside the gym affected your life outside of the gym?

Not only is making breakfast a breeze ;),  but I feel like I can accomplish anything, and the big challenges I face during the day, are simply challenges.



  1. What keeps you coming back to Firewall?

Bucky, Dave and Damon! Those dudes are probably the coaches of the century. They have motivated me to stay fit, and keep powering through.


  1. What motivated you to join CrossFit Firewall?

I first joined just to shed some pounds, but not only did that happen, I also became stronger and more fit  than I ever thought I could be!


  1. How has your CrossFit experience differed from your initial expectations of CrossFit?

I first thought that CrossFit would be intense for me, and the first day was hell. But something about it just kept pushing me to try new things, and all of a sudden I could deadlift 50 pounds. I couldn’t even deadlift my laundry before that!


  1. What’s your favorite Disney movie?

Lion king! Simba reminds me of my dog, cute and loving.


  1. What song are you currently obsessed with?

When I go to the basement I hear my son blasting rap so loud my dog starts breaking down some moves. But I’m more on the mellow side. I love Despacito, little bit of salsa and a little bit of hip hop.


  1. What the best joke you know?

What is a pigs favorite karate move? A pork chop 🙂