Congratulations to Jared, our selected October 2018 Athlete of the Month! Jared has been with us a little over a year now, and has seen incredible with results since starting.  He’s easily one of the funniest people at our gym, always handing out witty remarks giving groups a great, fun laugh.  We were able to catch up with Jared for a little Q&A!  Check out his answer below!

1. How did you get started at CrossFit Firewall?

Crystal, my wife, had heard about Firewall opening recently and wanted to check it out. We had several friends & family members who had all done CrossFit for a while and loved it. I came home from work one night and she said that she had gone in and that I was meeting Bucky at 5:30am the next morning. I wasn’t given an option to decline…

2. What are your favorite parts about CrossFit Firewall? What keeps you coming back?

The Firewall community is what makes it work for me. We’ve made 10x more friendships in the last year at Firewall than we did in the first 3 years we’ve lived in town. Not growing up in Massachusetts, Firewall has really made us feel like a part of the community. The whole concept of CrossFit itself also keeps me coming back. I love that all you need to do is show up. Just get yourself through that door as often as you can & you’re almost guaranteed to get fit!

3. When you first walked into Firewall, how did it compare to your original expectations of what a CrossFit gym was all about?

It’s what I expected regarding the workouts, although I’ve found I can do way more than I thought I was capable of. The community was a surprise though. It’s entirely different than running alone or going to a traditional gym where everyone has headphones in and heads down. I didn’t anticipate how much of a team (& friendly competition) it feels like when you’re all together attempting to complete the same task and cheering each other on along the way.

4. Have you seen any improvements to your everyday life because of working out within our walls?

Being just a couple months away from turning 42, I can say without a doubt I’m the most fit I’ve been in my entire life. Period.

5. What’s your proudest accomplishment at Firewall?

I love seeing my kids get excited to exercise! We bring them to Firewall quite a bit and they’re always watching & trying out the movements and equipment. Setting an example for them and hopefully motivating them towards lifelong fitness is something I’m very proud of. Oh, and muscle ups. NBD ?

6. What piece of advice would you give to someone who was hesitant on giving CrossFit a shot?

Just do it! You don’t have to think, there’s no intimidation. Just show up and the process takes care of the rest!

7. Has cleaner nutrition changed the way you feel throughout the day aside from the significant weight loss and lean muscle mass increase you’ve endured?

I’ve always eaten relatively clean (or so I thought). I feel pretty much the same now but I’m definitely stronger and have more endurance.

8. Which of your 3 kids do you think will like CrossFit the most 10 years from now?

Hopefully all of them equally. They all have different personalities compared to each other but one thing they have in common is a crap ton of energy! I think having them see us doing it and what you can accomplish physically from practicing will motivate them all to make it a part of their lives too.

9. If you could have any 1 super power, what would it be?


10. What’s your favorite book you’ve ever read and why?

Moneyball, because numbers nerds are cool and sometimes you have to think outside of the box (pun intended).