Congratulations, Catrina, for being selected by the Firewall staff as our member of the month! Catrina is a staple of the afternoon classes where you can find her crushing it on the pull-up rig. Her answers to our Q&A were amazing! Enjoy the read below 🙂

1. How did you find out about CrossFit Firewall?
A quick little Google search of “Crossfit near me” led me to Firewall. I knew I wanted to try CrossFit but didn’t even know Firewall existed so I was happy to see there was a gym so close to home! 

2. What is your favorite part about CrossFit?
My favorite part about the programming at CrossFit is that it pushes me to do movements I wouldn’t typically do if I was creating my own workout plan. I never really did any lifting before CrossFit, mostly just because I didn’t know how. Before CrossFit I was having a lot of redundancy in my workouts which was getting boring, so I like how the WODs incorporate different movements and formats to keep my workout routine interesting!

3. What is your favorite part about Firewall – specifically the gym?
My favorite part about Firewall is definitely the community that has been built over these past couple years! The coaches and members are all incredibly friendly and supportive! This year was my first Open and first Friday Night Lights which was a ton of fun, and I know I definitely wouldn’t have pushed myself as hard as I did if I didn’t have the encouragement from the community at Firewall!

4. Do you have an athletic background?
You know not trying to brag, but I was voted most athletic in high school. I have loved sports my entire life. I did gymnastics from 2nd grade through 10th grade and then did track and soccer my last 2 years of high school. Once I got to college I was missing gymnastics so I joined Uconn’s Club Team which was a ton of fun! 

5. What’s your daily schedule look like?  How do you squeeze working out into your busy schedule?
I am currently getting my masters in occupational therapy and I’m at the part in the program where I have 6 months of full-time on site training. I just finished up 3 months at Spaulding where I had about a 2 hour commute on public transportation each way, and I just started at Butler Hospital in Providence where I have a much more reasonable 45 minute drive. Basically I’m up and out of the house around 6am, I work 7-4, come to CrossFit on my commute back, go home and have dinner (and yes I still live at home where my mom cooks me dinner every night), watch Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy, do whatever school work I need to get done, and then I’m in bed by 9. I notice a big difference between when I do/don’t come to CrossFit because it helps me relax, clear my head, and it just makes me feel better overall!

6. Throughout your CrossFit journey have you ever been injured (whether from CrossFit or outside of the gym)?  Did you stop working out or did you adapt to the injury?  If so, how?
I don’t think it’s any secret that I don’t have the most reliable feet/ankles- I have a long history of sprains, plantar fasciitis and most recently in 2016 during my senior year at UConn I ruptured my Achilles tumbling at gymnastics practice, which I didn’t have the best recovery from, so I had a follow up surgery at the end of 2017 which still didn’t put me back at 100% so I still try to avoid a lot of running/jumping. I was doing CrossFit at the time of my second surgery and I think I was back in the gym within a week in my walking boot doing sit ups in the corner just because I missed the feeling of being in the gym. All throughout my recovery, and still to this day, the coaches are great at modifying movements, and sometimes even the whole workout, for me!

7. How many times a week do you workout typically?
I try to get to the gym about 5 times a week and days I don’t make it in I like to at least go for a walk just to keep myself moving!

8. How did your first few CrossFit experiences compare with your expectations?
The first class I ever did had rope climbs and the second was Karen (150 Wall Balls for time) so honestly I’m surprised I made it past week one, but the classes were surprisingly not as intense as I pictured CrossFit to be. Don’t get me wrong I couldn’t walk for about 3 days but I was happy to see that people were doing a lot of different modifications to match their ability and comfort levels!

9. What would you recommend to someone who is on the fence about joining a CrossFit gym?
Honestly the hardest part is just walking through the door. I kept putting it off and finally pushed myself to come in one day and sign up. When I first walked in Dave was trying to tell me about trying out a free class and just cut him off and handed him my credit card and I’ve been all in since!

10. Who was your celebrity crush growing up?
Twister from Rocket Power

11. What’s your favorite commercial you’ve seen in 2019?
Funny you should ask…I’ve had that filet-o-fish song stuck in my head for the past 3 days