Congratulations to the one and only Tommy G for earning this month’s prized title of Member of the Month! It’s been a long time coming for this guy as everyone in our facility definitely thinks of Tom when they’re asked who’s the biggest die hard Firewaller. Thank you Tommy G for being the amazing dude you are. His answers are amazing!!!

How long have you been at Firewall for? How did you hear about us?

I’ve been at Firewall since the very beginning. I think Bucky and Dave were getting daily emails from me to check in to see when they were going to open their doors for the soft opening. You can say I was a little excited to start there! The first workout of Firewall put me on the floor (I died) and to this day it’s seems to be a daily occurrence of me getting a nice view of the rafters.

How did I find out about the Wall?

Well, I had recently moved to Holliston and only been living
there for a year, when my wife’s twin sister (who goes to Resilience CrossFit) said at dinner that she had heard that a CrossFit was opening up in Holliston. It felt like Christmas morning. I work in Boston and was inconveniently going to CrossFit during lunch… this would be a game changer. I Facebook stalked Dubin that night and messaged him to get the scoop. He got back to me immediately and I think I dropped in that week to see the space as they were gutting it. I didn’t know at the time, but this place was the beginning of all the magic.

What is your favorite part about Firewall?

The Three C’s: Coaching, Community and Culture. It takes a lot of energy and dedication for a CrossFit to get these right and Firewall gets high honors on all three.

Coaching: I’ve been to a bunch of CrossFit gyms and made me really appreciate good solid Coaching and programming. Anyone can buy equipment, but to actively make your members better than they were yesterday is an intangible that cannot be purchased. Bucky and Dave are both excellent at this… just look at the results and all the PRs our members get. Just the facts.
Community: We have a very tight community at Firewall and it’s fantastic. You know it’s a good sign when the members have lots of outings outside of the gym to hang out with the same people. Plus, who doesn’t love the connection with the members in each class where we can joke around with everyone… from Cranky Connor to snickering when that Tom G. member rolls in late….occasionally…..
Culture: At Firewall, no matter if someone is scaling all the movements or going Rx plus, we all feel as equals who are busting their butt every day to get fitter. That is what makes this place special. Even when the coaches crush our times too (I mean crush….), they always give the impression that they are one of the members just trying to get that 1% better each day. It is great to find a place where the ego is left at the door and we all join to have fun and enter the pain cave.

Was CrossFit Firewall your first exposure to CrossFit?

No, I’ve been around the CrossFit block and was at CrossFit New England a couple years when I lived in Natick and even met my wife at my first CrossFit experience in Needham. Firewall is not my first but is definitely the first CrossFit where I feel deeply rooted into the community. From my experience, being part of a CrossFit is like a relationship. You learn from each one what is good and what is bad… plus makes you really appreciate all the little and big things when the find the one that ultimately is your match.

You recently participated in our April nutrition challenge. What were your results?

The results were overall good. My visceral fat level remained relatively the same, but my body fat percentage did go down, with some muscle increase. So arrows were definitely going in the right direction. This leads us to the next question….

Why do you do extra work on top of taking the group classes? What are your current fitness goals?

With my body fat percentage at a good level, I want to put on some more lean muscle, hence why I like to do some extra programming. Bucky and Dave are great at creating programming for members, but also making sure it fits with the current WODs that going on with the daily schedule. I always consult with them for modification if I feel that I may be hitting a body part too much one week or still very sore from the occasional DJ Dubs sweat fest workouts. Getting the extra work in can get challenging at times due to scheduling with work and family…. but the best part about doing more work is being able to crush more food!

What is your favorite Firewall moment?

This was a tough one for me, but nailed it down. It was the first year at Firewall and definitely a hot summer day. I was taking the noon class and it was one of those days that you start sweating right as you walk into the gym. Usually that is when I park myself next to one of the industrial fans… preferred seating of course. For some reason that day, there were power issues going on in the area, but Bucky stated that it hadn’t really been an issue since the early classes. The class warmed up without a hitch and we were off to take on naughty Nancy (I believe) that afternoon. It was all smooth until I was in about round 2 or 3, when right in the middle of the barbell movement, the power cut out. The Lights, the Timer, the Music, everything. It felt so weird, because you could hear a pin drop and did not know if you should stop or keep going. Maroon 5 was playing at the time of this incident…. And there in the darkness I heard Coach Bucky using his falsetto voice to do his best Adam Levine impression to continue right where the song had left off. He was not quiet either, he put it ALL out there. Now that’s dedication, going pure acapella so that your members could continue on in the darkness. Thank again Bucky.

What’s your best piece of advice you would give someone who’s thinking about starting CrossFit?

Don’t be intimated by the workouts, the movements or the suggested weights. Everyone starts or is currently at a different point in their CrossFit arc. Every moment can be modified to make sure that you are getting the right stimulus for each workout prescribed that day. The coaches are there for you to succeed and by being smart and doing the right weight/movement will pay huge dividends in the end as you progress in your CrossFit career. Just have to remember it is a journey and to be patient, smart… and most importantly, have fun.

Who’s your favorite super-hero of all time?

Another toughie. Although I respect the unbreakable ideals and morals portrayed by Superman, I ultimately have to go with Spider-Man. But you all probably knew that though. Haha. Not only is his body type more in line with me (slender, longer arms, etc.), but I always loved the way he could nonchalantly crack a joke during the heat of battle and definitely in the most crucial and stressful situations. For me, when I am deep in the pain cave in the workout and having that uncomfortable nausea everywhere, I still try to crack a joke with the coaches and/or members and keep it light. Maybe it is deflection to trick my mind to not think about the pain in the workout… or just to have fun. Either way I like to feel that Spidey has taught me something. Clearly spider bites don’t give powers, I am still waiting on that one.

What is your favorite Marvel movie?

Hands down, Thor: Ragnarok. I won’t give too much away for those who haven’t seen it (Bucky!). Spidey isn’t in it, but the humor and delivery of the lines from Chris Hemsworth is on point. The movie has a perfect balance of comedy and seriousness. If you only could watch one Marvel movie, make it this one. I could watch it anytime. Just one caveat, you have to have some knowledge of prior Marvel movies to get all the humor.

How long have you had your beard? Do you ever plan to shave it?

I have been clean shaven almost all of my life and then when my wife went to the CrossFit Games in 2015 and left me to fend for myself with my 1 year old, that is when the beard saga started. I thought I would shave it after she came back from Carson, but I kind of liked it and it’s been here ever since. My wife would hope the plan to shave it was yesterday, but how can I get rid of it before the 5 year anniversary! Would be a sacrilege. Geez.