Congratulations Luzi!  We’re so proud of everything you’ve achieved since joining.  You always bring such an incredibly positive attitude to class that everyone at the 5:30am feeds off!  It’s safe to call you captain consitency as your name can constantly be found at the top of the committed club month after month.  Keep up the amazing work!!  Check out Luzi’s Q&A below!!

How did you find Firewall and long have you been a member?

My friends Mariza and Uliana, May 2018.

What’s your favorite part about the classes?

It’s getting to class with a set workout that is different every day, and having other’s support.

If you were to motivate someone to give us a shot, what would you say to them?

Anyone can do it with perseverance.

What were you most nervous about before joining?

I was apprehensive about the fact that English is not my first language. I thought I might not be able to fit in.

How long have you lived in the States?

21 years.

How much different do you feel since joining?

The workouts have reshaped my body and I now have a lot more energy despite the scale now moving down too much.  My mood is also much better now.

How do you convince yourself to wake up so early everyday to attend the 5:30am class?

I go to bed early, 9PM at most, and I start my day without any problems.

What’s your favorite part about the States?

My favorite thing about the U.S. is that everyone has the opportunity to grow here.

What’s your favorite Brazilian saying and how does it translate to English?

You reap what you sow.

What do you hope to achieve in 2020?

I want to be able to do a few pull ups and maybe a few muscle ups. Enjoy more time with family and friends.

Are you the leader of the Firewall Brazilian Mafia? 😉

Not that I know of. But I would love to!