Rotate Through for 12 Minutes:
:45 Russian Twists (weight optional)
:45 Plank
5/leg Single Leg RDLs

For Time:
Alternating DB Squat Cleans
Alternating Single Arm Devil’s Presses

Today’s (or I should say tonight’s) Challenge is brought to you by the legendarily handsome Coach Kevin!

Don’t watch or use any electronic device one hour before you go to sleep.

This can be really easy to do if you work backwards! Figure out what time you’re going to sleep (let’s say 10pm). Now you know your phone and all TVs have to be off at 9. When 9pm hits, switch your phone to airplane mode, set your alarm clock, plug it into your charger by your night stand, and put it face down. In that hour, you could do things like read a book or play board games or cards with family members! Get creative, we want to hear how this went for you Monday morning and how you slept!

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