This woman is an absolute firecracker!! We are so beyond grateful to have her as a member at our facility. She brings so much joy, laughter and happiness to everyone she meets. Hanh has an incredible massage studio in town called “Tough Love Massage” that is a must go-to small business in Holliston. The name of her business doesn’t give her service enough credit… You’ll be walking out of there looser than ever before! Thank you for inspiring all of those around you, Hanh!

How did you hear about Firewall and how long have you been with us?
I heard about Firewall since it first open but for me to joined Firewall was thanks to Anastasia Bergmann and Ann Irons. They both highly recommend. I join Firewall since May, 2019.

What made you want to start CrossFit?
At first, I was thinking to get help with my belly fat that hanging around since I had Yum Yum (my son).

What benefits have you seen in your life since joining?
I feel a lot stronger physically and feel great about myself mentally. My fat belly is gone and I’m able to do 27 pushups straight. I couldn’t even do one when I first started.

What would you say to someone who is interested in giving it a shot?
Please come into the facility and talk to Bucky or Dave. They’re amazing and awesome coaches.

What’s your favorite personal moment at Firewall?
I always enjoyed coming to Firewall. Just the feeling of getting a great workout and seeing everyone’s face, conversations and laughter. Thank you for welcoming me into your community.

Were you ever intimidated by “CrossFit”? If yes, what intimidated you about it AND how did you
overcome that fear?
Hell Yeah, I was intimidated by CrossFit. In my profession I get to treated a lot of clients who go to CrossFit. Just the thought of lifting weights scared me away, but when Anastasia told me that she goes to CrossFit and I can see her body change just within 3 months I told her I was interested in checking it out. After 30 minutes with Bucky all my fear went away and the excitement kicked in. The rest is history…hahhahhaha. Love you Bucky for helped me through that fear.

How long has your business been open for?
7/27/2012 today is our 8 years anniversary.

Why did you start Tough Love Massage?
My passion is to help people get healthy. Since I was a little girl, I wanted to became a Doctor but unfortunate this didn’t happen. I got in an accident and became afraid of blood and needles. My dream was over then but that didn’t stop me from trying to help people to get their health back. Massage Therapy is another form of helping.

What would you say is your biggest attribution to the success of your business?
My business is all word of mouth and supporting from the Holliston community and surround towns.

What are you looking forward to doing when you retire?
Get me a RV and travel all over United States.

Can we be Yum Yum’s first sponsor when he’s a professional F1 racing driver?
Of Course, you can. You will be the first one.