At Firewall Workout:

11 Hang Power Snatch (95,65)
300m on a machine
22 Hollow Rocks
300m on a machine
33 Air Squats

At Home Workout:

4 Rounds For Time:
36 Front/Back Lunges
18 Broad Jumps
36 Alternating Renegade Rows
18 Burpees

Goal: <20:00
CAP: 25:00
STIM: Front/Back Lunges are the same ones we did at the gym a couple weeks ago. Every time the knee touches the ground, that counts as a rep. Make sure they keep it even doing 18 on each side. They don’t necessarily have to do all 18 on one leg before switching to the other although that would be the most efficient way. Have them pick their own distance for broad jumps but tell them to hold themselves accountable to it. Hips should stay squared up on the renegade rows. Burpees should be done in under 1:30, ideally in less than 1:00.