At Firewall Workout:

Build for 12 minutes:
6 Push Press (From the Floor)

12 Bar Facing Burpees
8 Push-Press (135,95)
400m Run

At Home Workout:

Rotate Through for 15 Minutes:
2/arm Turkish Get-ups
:45 Plank
5/side Deadbugs (with weight overhead if possible)

*Additional Notes: If a member is struggling to do a Turkish get-up, have them perform windmills instead and make it 5/arm. Review the TGU in full with members both without weight and then with weight before actual strength work starts. For the Deadbugs, if comfortable members can put a light weight in their hands while putting their hands overhead as long as their lower back remains flat on the floor.

12 Burpees
16 Single Arm DB Push Presses
200m Run

Goal: >4 Rounds
CAP: 12:00
STIM: Burpees are to be done consistently and smoothly. The Push Presses are total reps so 8/arm. Focus on keeping the heels on the ground as the weight is returning to the shoulder between reps. The Run is meant to be completed in 1:00 +/- :15.