At Firewall Workout:

1,000m/800m on a Machine
25 Toes-to-Bar
100 Double-unders
50 Ab-mat sit-ups

At Home Workout:

4 Rounds For Time:
20 EACH WAY Lateral Bear Crawl Steps
30 Push-ups
40 Sit-ups
100 Double Unders (200 Single Unders)

Goal: <25:00
CAP: 32:00
STIM: Knees are to be directly under the hips on the Bear Crawl. Knees should be hovering only an inch or two off the ground. Push-ups are meant to be completed in 3-5 sets – try not to break them up anymore than 7 reps at a time. Try to do sit-ups unbroken in under 2:00. Jump Rope shouldn’t take more than 2:00 to complete. If members don’t have a jump rope, they can perform 100 lateral hops over their DB each round instead.