At Firewall Workout:

EMOM x 21:
Minute 1: 15/12 Calories on Machine
Minute 2: Round of DT (115/80)
Minute 3: 15 Burpees

At Home Workout:

EMOM x 21:
Minute 1 – 30 Goblet Deadlifts
Minute 2 – 20 Alternating Hang DB Cleans
Minute 3 – 15 Burpees

Goal: Finish each section with :10-15 to rest
CAP: 21:00
STIM: The Goblet Deadlifts will start out easy but will add up as they get deeper and deeper into the workout. Make sure they’re keeping those backs set especially in the later rounds. Hang Cleans should be smooth and unbroken. Have members cut down burpees if it’s taking them more than :45 to complete in the first couple rounds.