At Firewall Workout:

20 Goblet Step-ups
200m Farmers Carry
20 Toes-to-Bar
100m Single KB Front Rack Carry

Box (24,20)
KB (70,53)

At Home Workout:

26 Jumping Lunges
26 DB Swings (eye level)
26 Sit-ups
50m Right Arm Suitcase Carry
50m Left Arm Suitcase Carry

Goal: >6 Rounds
CAP: 26:00
STIM: Switch Jumping Lunges to reverse stepping lunges if needed. DB Swings should be completed unbroken. Try to keep the sit-ups unbroken as well! Suitcase carries are to be done all on one side first before switching to the other. Before the workout starts, make sure members have a marked off 50m.