At Firewall Workout:

With a Partner
“I Go, You also Go”
Partner 1:
Front Squats (95,55)

Partner 2:
MAX reps of Alt. Renegade Rows (50,35)
*Every rest, perform 10/Side of a Bicycle

At Home Workout:

17 Goblet Squats
17 Push-ups
17 Burpees Kick Back Air Squats
1:00 Rest

Goal: >6 Rounds
CAP: 23:00
STIM: Goblet Squats should be unbroken and fast (especially because they’ll be the first movement completed coming off the rest each round). Push-ups should be completed in no more than 3 sets (maybe a rep scheme like 10/7 or 7/6/4). Make sure hips get down into a plank WITHOUT sagging for the burpee kick back portion. Emphasize feet landing in a squat position when bringing feet back up to create an efficient transition.