At Firewall Workout:

Build for 20 minutes:
5 Back Squats with a 32×1 Tempo
*After each set perform 5/arm Bear Crawl Shoulder Taps with a :03 Pause each rep

10 Back Squats (95,65)
10 Box Jump Overs (24,20)

At Home Workout:

Monday 9/7
EMOM x 21:
Minute 1 – 5 Tempo Goblet Squats (:03 Descent, :02 Pause)
Minute 2 – 3/arm Tempo Renegade Rows (:02 Pause, :02 Descent)
Minute 3 – :30 Front Star Plank

*Additional Notes: Stay true to the Tempo for both he squats and rows. If members need to cut down time on the front star plank a bit or modify to a regular plank that’s fine.

10 Goblet Squats + Goblet Lunges Each Leg
10 Overhead DB Swings

Goal: >4 Rounds
CAP: 8:00
STIM: For the first movement, 1 rep constitutes as doing 1 squat, followed by 1 lunge on each leg. Do that 10 times each round with a weight held in the goblet position. Have the DB pointing straight up in there air on the lock out position of the overhead swing BUT be careful. The first few reps may feel a bit unbalanced.