At Firewall Workout:

Every 5:00 x 5
20 Alt. DB Thrusters (50,35)
3 Wall-Walks
40 Double-unders

At Home Workout:

Every 5:00 x 5 rounds:
24 Single Arm DB Thrusters
3 Wall Walks
40 Double Unders

Goal: <3:30/round
CAP: 25:00
STIM: Members should have at least 1:30 rest at the end of each round. Thrusters are to be performed with 12 reps on one arm and then 12 reps on the other. If wall walks aren’t an option, members can switch to a :10 wall walk hold 3 times for each round. Double Unders should be completed in less than :45. If members are doing Single Unders, double up the reps to 80.