At Firewall Workout:

Buy In: 1100m Run/Bike/Row/Ski
9 Rounds:
11 Clean and Jerks (75,55)
11 Box Step-ups (30,24)
11 Hollow Rocks
Cash Out: 1100m Run/Bike/Row/Ski

At Home Workout:

For Time:
1,100m Run
9 Rounds of…
11 Alternating DB Clean and Jerks
22 Jumping Lunges
11 Hollow Rocks
1,100m Run

Goal: <30:00
CAP: 38:00
STIM: Members should mark out the run ahead of class. If not, have them run out for 2:45 then turn around and come back. Clean and Jerks will go all the way to the ground. Members can perform push presses instead of push jerks if they choose. Jumping Lunges can only be done if members can control their knee to the ground each rep AND their front foot lands flat. If not, they can switch to either reverse lunges or standard forward stepping lunges. Hollow Rocks should be quick and unbroken throughout the workout.