At Firewall Workout:

With a partner, Alternate rounds.
300/250m on a machine
20 KB Jerks (53,35)
100m KB Carry
*Partner 2 may begin their round once Partner 1 heads out for the KB Carry

At Home Workout:

400m Run
20 Single Arm DB Jerks
10 Devils Presses
*1:00 rest after each round

Goal: >5 Rounds
CAP: 30:00
STIM: Try to keep the runs around 2:00. The Jerks are to be done 10 on one arm and then 10 on the other. If the coordination is tricky, members can switch to a push press instead. Try to stay fast with the Devils Presses. Remember: members get a full minute rest at the end of each round so encourage them to push hard at the beginning of each round!