At Firewall Workout:

Build for 15 minutes:
4 Deadlifts + 2 Hang Power Cleans

3 Rounds for Time:
20 Hang Power Cleans (115,80)
80 Double-unders

At Home Workout:

EMOM x 12:
Odd Minutes – :40 Vertical Jumps
Even Minutes – :40 RDLs (NOT single legged)

*Additional Notes: For the RDLs, set feet shoulder width apart. Hold DB in both hands, hinge towards the ground with a slight knee bend as you would a good morning.

4 Rounds For Time:
30 Alternating Hang Power Cleans
60 Ab Bicycles
120 Single Unders

Goal: <13:00
CAP: 16:00
STIM: Ab Bicycles are 30/side. Be sure to extend the opposite leg all the way out and members should try their best to make contact with their elbow to their knee. If members don’t have a jump rope, they can do lateral jumps over their dumbbell 60 times.