At Firewall Workout:

For Time:
400m Farmers Carry (70,53)
30 Snatches (95,65)
4,000m Bike
100 Box Jumps (24,20)

At Home Workout:

For Time:
400m Suitcase Carry
50 Alternating DB Snatches
100 Sit-ups
1 Mile Run

Goal: 21:00
CAP: 27:00
STIM: The Suitcase Carry should take 4-5 minutes. As the members are walking, they can switch hands whenever they’d like. Try to get a heavy weight! If they only have light weights as options, have them squeeze the weight as hard as possible when they’re walking. The alternating DB snatches should be completed in 2-3 sets. Grind through those sit-ups! Have members try to push hard on the last bit of the long run.