This honor for JayJay has been long overdue. Since we’ve gotten back inside the gym, they’ve had a fire lit up inside them! In July, August, and September, they attended class 25, 21, and 22 times respectively. JayJay is as committed as they come, and they’ve seen some serious results because of that and their hard work ethic! Congrats on earning this month’s title, JayJay, you rock! Check out their humorous Q&A below!

How did you hear about Firewall, and how long have you been a member for?
I’ve been a member for exactly a year this month. I knew I wanted to join a gym, but the thought TERRIFIED me. I googled “CrossFit near me” on a whim and when Firewall came up I called and joined before I could talk myself out of it.

What changes have you seen in your body since starting?
Aside from losing 25 pounds since I started, and getting my body fat down to 17% (which didn’t happen until I got my nutrition in check), my favorite changes have been how I inhabit my body as an autistic human who struggles with proprioceptive and vestibular senses. My motor planning skills, balance, and coordination have greatly improved. And these abs that are starting to peek through don’t hurt either.

Why do you get up so early like a crazy person to workout?
Because when my body is moving, my mind is still. It’s my zen. And I know I’ll find excuses to not go to the gym if I don’t get it done first thing. It sets my pace for the day and I feel like a million bucks after crushing a workout first thing.

Do you prefer biking or driving to the gym?
Biking!! Because I only learned how to ride one this year. I get the railtrail all to myself at 5:00am

What’s your favorite part about CrossFit? (the workout program)
How varied it is. I get bored on machines at chain gyms, I like bopping (or should I say flapping??) from motion to motion. I’d never have had the confidence to try the big, dynamic movements CrossFit is made up of and that are absolutely one of my favorite parts about CrossFit, had it not been for the encouragement of the coaches and members at Firewall. Autism Brain is also partial to the predictability of knowing my workout beforehand.

What’s your favorite part about Firewall? (the gym)
I have so much fun at Firewall, for real. I was so nervous to join a group class because I’m so awkward and clumsy and weird but everyone has accepted me so completely and 5:30am is my favorite part of the day.

What would you tell a friend who’s interested in checking out Firewall?
Don’t even question it, just join. It’s the most supportive environment you’ll ever encounter and will shatter your perception of what CrossFit is.

Will your feet ever leave the ground because you’re flapping so ferociously? (I won’t actually post this and you don’t have to answer it. Just wanted to make you laugh as you’re reading through these)
You can absolutely post this, I’ll be disappointed if you don’t. I’m hoping to achieve liftoff by 2022.

What are some of your hobbies/interests?
I’m a multiply published poet, so writing for sure. I enjoy torturing myself with stupidly structured forms like Pantoums and Sestinas. Working on vehicles–I actually built the XJ I drive–and fixing arcade cabinets. Baking. Absorbing as much about pro- and indie-wrestling as humanly possible. And flapping around to kicking basslines, of course

What’s your favorite DDR song to step to?
GREAT QUESTION. Kind Lady holds a special place in my heart because it was my first full combo AAA on an ESP (expert single pad) chart, but the Freeway Shuffle CSP (challenge single pad) chart is full of fun little triplets and staircases that I find very stimmy. The ESP and CSP charts for Sunkissed Drop and SmoOoch are close runners-up

Are there any videos of you doing DDR? If so, please provide links.
I have an old one on my phone, but it was years ago before I advanced to competition level. I’ll take one this week and send it!!

What’s your next tattoo gonna be?
I want a sternum piece with possum skulls and tiger lilies to cover up these really just awfully done nautical stars I have on my chest.

What’s something you hope to accomplish by spring of 2021?
I’m absolutely dying for linked toes to bar, I can get a single one. Full pushups, too, those have been a struggle.