At Firewall Workout:

6 Rounds:
3:00 on / 1:30 off
200m Run Buy in
then MAX reps of
Round 1/4: Ring Muscle-ups
Round 2/5: Gorilla Rows (70,53)
Round 3/6: Farmers Carry Hold

At Home Workout:

AMRAP 3 x 6 Rounds (Rest 1:00 between AMRAPs):
Each round begins with a 200m run
In the remaining time, perform max reps of…
Round 1/4 – Box Jumps (or Vertical Jumps)
Round 2/5 – Alternating DB Renegade Rows
Round 3/6 – Suitcase Hold (switch hands every :05)

Goal: Finish each run in less than 1:30
CAP: 23:00
STIM: Move fast on the runs. If members don’t have access to box jumps, switch the movement to vertical jumps instead. Be sure to reset after each jump – should not be springing up immediately after landing. Make each jump count. Keep the body squared up during the Suitcase Holds. Have members look at themselves straight on in the camera if able.