At Firewall Workout:

With a Partner:
25 minute clock:
Partner 1: AMRAP
30 Air Squats
15 Push-ups
MAX Toes-to-Bar
Partner 2: Double KB Bottoms up Hold
or Double DB Front Rack Hold

At Home Workout:

Rotate Through For 12 Minutes:
6/leg Half Kneeling Windmills (can modify by going hand to ground instead of forearm)
10 Reverse Nordic Curls or Kneeling Butt to Heels

20/direction Lateral Bear Crawl Steps
20 Goblet Squats
20 DB Push Presses

Goal: >5 Rounds
CAP: 15:00
STIM: Keep the knees under the hips and just an inch off the ground if able. Make sure Goblet Squats stay unbroken. Do 10 Push Presses on one arm and then 10 Push Presses on the other.