At Firewall Workout:

Push Press: 4×6 (Building)
2 Rounds for Time:
400m Run
30 Push-Press (115,80)
2:00 Plank

At Home Workout:

4 Rounds For Time:
40 DB Push Presses
40 Alternating DB Power Cleans
40 Alternating DB Renegade Rows
40 Alternating DB Hang Power Snatches

Goal: <20:00
CAP: 28:00
STIM: Push Presses are the only movement that aren’t alternating. Each movement calls for 20 reps on each arm. Power Cleans go all the way to the ground (KEEP THAT BACK FLAT!) and Hang Power Snatches only go to the knee. Keep the body squared up on the renegade rows.