At Firewall Workout:

Rotate through for 16 minutes:
Half Kneeling KB Bottoms up Strict Press x8/arm
Ring Row x 8
Wall-Walk x 2 (:10 Hold)

For Time:
30/25 Calorie Row
60 Alt. DB Hang Clean and Push Presses (50,35)
30/25 Calorie Row

At Home Workout:

Rotate Through For 14 Minutes:
8/arm Half Kneeling Vertical DB Strict Presses (hold DB by one head, not handle)
8/arm DB Floor Press
:30/arm Overhead Hold

For Time:
40 Burpee Kick Back Air Squats
80 Single Arm DB Push Presses
40 Burpee Kick Back Air Squats

Goal: <7:00
CAP: 12:00
STIM: Keep the arms straight going down for the burpee kick back (not a full burpee with the chest going to the ground). When the feet come up, try to have them land in your squat stance, so after you stand up from the burpee, you can drop right down into your squat to complete the rep. For the Push Presses, we’re looking to complete 40/arm but think about switching arms every 10-15 reps. Make sure by the end of the 80 you’ve completed 40 on each arm and haven’t favored one verse the other.