At Firewall Workout:

Every 5:00 x 5 (1:00 Rest)
30 Wall-Balls (20,14)
20 Box Step-ups (30,24)
10/Leg Jumping Lunge w/ Wall-Ball
MAX Wall-Walk Hold

At Home Workout:

30/side Mountain Climbers
10/side Shoulder Taps
9/side Table Top Supermans
8/side Ab Bicycles w/ :02 Pause
7/side Figure 4s
6/side Quad Pulls
5/side Spidermans
4/side Reverse Lunge with Reach up and back to the Front Leg SIde
3/side Scorpions
2 Squat to Stands

Every 5:00 x 5 (1:00 rest between sets):
15 Right Arm DB Front Rack Squats
15 Left Arm DB Front Rack Squats
30 Jumping Lunges
40 Shoulder Taps
Plank in remaining time

Goal: Accumulate >1:30 in a plank each round
CAP: 29:00
STIM: You have a 5:00 window of work followed by 1:00 of rest. Once you’ve completed the squats, lunges, and shoulder taps, you have the rest of that time to accumulate as much time as you can in a plank until the 5:00 window ends.