At Firewall Workout:

With a Partner:

Complete 10 Rounds Alternating:
20 Wall-Balls (20,14)
15 Russian KB Swings (70,53)
10 Strict Press (95,65)

P1: Goes through a round
P2: Completes Front Rack Barbell Hold through Wall-balls

At Home Workout:

Every 2:00 x 12:
15 Sit-ups
12 Alternating DB Sumo Deadlifts
9 Lateral Burpees Over DB

Goal: <1:30/round
CAP: 24:00
STIM: Each round is to be completed un under 1:30. If members start going over that time, they will not have sufficient rest to maintain their rep scheme so we’ll have to modify it. Start by modifying the number of sit-ups and then the number of Sumo Deadlifts. We want to keep the Burpees at 9 if possible but if that’s the ultimate factor of determining the speed of each round, start to gradually cut down the burpees until they’re under 1:30 rounds again.