At Firewall Workout:

AMRAP 6 x 3 (3:00 Rest)
18/15 Calorie Bike
12 Push-Press (115,80)
9 Burpees
6 Muscle-ups

At Home Workout:

50 Jumping Jacks
40 Mountain Climbers
30 Seal Jacks
20 Crossover Mountain Climbers
10 Burpee Kick Backs
5 Inch Worms
4/side Scorpions w/ Chest stretch
:30 Shoulder Taps
2 Squat to Stands
1:00 Deadbugs
18 Ab Bicycles
12 Single Arm Push Presses
6 Push-ups
2 Alternating Burpee Single Arm Deadlifts
2 Alternating Devil’s Presses

AMRAP 6 x 4 (1:30 rest):
36 Ab Bicycles
30 Single Arm DB Push Presses
24 Push-ups
18 Alternating Devil’s Presses

Goal: >5 Total Rounds
CAP: 28:30
STIM: This is a lot of shoulders. If you feel like you need any additional activation or stretches for your upper body prior to starting this workout, take the necessary time to prep your body! All reps are total reps. For the ab bicycles, try your best to interlock your fingers behind your head and bring your elbow to the opposite knee while the other leg fully extends out. Perform 15 Push Presses on one arm and then 15 on the other. Perform the push-ups in 3-5 sets. Adjust the incline as needed. Be sure to set your back on the Devil’s Presses EVERY REP!