At Firewall Workout:

Minute 1: Strict Pull-ups
Minute 2: Bulgarian Split Squat R
Minute 3: Bulgarian Split Squat L
Minute 4: Alt. DB Curls
Minute 5: Rest or Plank/Hollow Hold

At Home Workout:

Rotate Through For 15 Minutes:
10/arm Bent Over Rows
10/arm Table Top Tricep Kick Backs
:30/leg Lunge Hold

5 Rounds For Time:
40 Hollow Rocks
20 Left Leg Goblet Split Squats
20 Right Leg Goblet Split Squats

Goal: <10:00
Cap: 15:00
Stim: Hollow Rocks are meant to be completed in 2-4 sets. As the rounds progress, it should take you more sets to complete the Hollow Rocks due to fatigue. The Goblet Split Squats should be fast. Feet will stay in one spot. If you can add weight in the goblet position great! If not, stick with body weight. If you need to use assistance like a wall or pole do that.