At Firewall Workout:

Every :30 x 10
1 Power Snatch

3 Rounds for time:
300m/250m Row
15 Power Snatch (95,65)

At Home Workout:

EMOM x 18:
Minute 1 – 2-4 Right Arm Turkish Get-ups
Minute 2 – 2-4 Left Arm Turkish Get-ups
Minute 3 – :45 Russian Twists

For Time:
150 Alternating DB Snatches
*Every 1:00, perform 10/side Shoulder Taps

Goal: <9:00
CAP: 14:00
STIM: INCLUDING THE BEGINNING OF THE WORKOUT, each minute you will perform 10 Shoulder Taps on each arm. These can be fat as long as hips stay squared up with the ground. The DB Snatches can be done as a power snatch or muscle snatch.