Our final Member of the Month for 2020 is Amber, CONGRATULATIONS!!!  This woman is the definition of true grit and determination.  She’s been shattering her goals since day 1, and she’s not showing any signs of letting up!  Thanks for inspiring so many around you, Amber.  Her Q&A is awesome!  Be sure to check it out below!

When did you start at Firewall and when did you transition into the CrossFit program? What did you
do before then and why?
Prior to joining Firewall, I did body fit classes at a gym in Seattle. I also hiked weekly and completed a yearlong Mountaineering certification. Even further back in time I was a ballet dancer- hence the pointed toes and occasional pirouette when I think no one is watching. In November 2018, we moved from Seattle to Holliston after I started a new job in Boston. After getting settled, I started looking for a gym and ended up joining Firewall in XXX. I was terribly out of shape and the first month felt so defeating- I was pretty sure I was going to die each workout and made sure to locate the AED just in case (nurse habit). However, the 5:30 Off the Couch/FWFit crew soon became some of my first friends in Massachusetts- I so appreciated all their encouragement and accountability. During quarantine, I transitioned to the zoom classes and enjoyed getting to know so many other members and when the gym reopened in July, I started CrossFit… ONLY because there was no other choice. I was super nervous and intimidated by the rig and barbell. Over the past 6 months, I have come a long way and am so grateful that I was “pushed” into CF.

How has your improved fitness inside the gym benefited you outside the gym?
Besides the physical, the gym benefits my mental health. I have been told by my staff that they can tell when I take a rest day because I don’t have the same spark. Additionally, parenting 4 kids (ages 12, 13, 13, 15) is exhausting and so dang hard- CF keeps my stress levels down and helps me to make the right parenting decision rather than react with emotion to the trials of the day.

What’s your favorite part about Firewall?
My answer is two-fold: Individually: I love being in my head and body- feeling the way I move through space, studying the techniques of movement and challenging myself.
Corporately: I love the community, especially my other OTC to CF converts, the cash out groupies and
the hilarious and beloved 7am crew.

What would you recommend to someone who’s thinking about getting started?
Just start. Walk in the door and come as you are. This is a community invested in people and you won’t be doing it alone.

What’s your favorite Firewall memory?
Completing “Murph” with my son Charlie

What feat do you hope to accomplish inside the gym by the end of 2021? What about outside the
1) Strict pull ups
2) >20 double unders in a row
3) PR every month

Outside the gym, I’d like to buy a new pair of ballet shoes and start dancing again.

Do your kids enjoy working out?
Two of my kids take classes at Firewall. They love the workouts, friendships and the coaches. My 13-year-old son especially enjoys bantering with Bucky about how much the Patriots suck this year
(Seahawks fans!). My 11-year-old son adores coach Kerry and doesn’t want to get old enough to move
up to the teens class.

Would you rather always hit a red light for the rest of your life or always get slow internet after the
sun goes down?
Red light

Who’s your favorite musical artist/group and what’s your favorite song by them?
Rainbow Kitten Surprise (RKS) “Devil Like Me”

How does it feel to follow up your colleague, Tim Grinder, as Member of the Month?
I feel as honored as I believe the pole must feel each time Tim warms up his squats.