At Firewall Workout:

10 DB Burpee Box Step-overs
20 DB Thrusters
300/250m on a machine

Single DB (50,35)
Box (24,20)

At Home Workout:

22 Suitcase Reverse Lunges
22 Goblet Thrusters
22 Alternating Burpee DB Deadlifts

Goal: >4 Rounds
CAP: 22:00
STIM: On the lunges, you will hold the DB in one hand for 11 lunges where your legs alternate and then switch the weight to the other hand for the next 11 lunges. Each head of the DB will lie in each hand for the thrusters. Start with the weight under your chin, go into a full squat and as you get to a standing position press the weight directly over your head. The last movement is the same as a Devil’s Press but instead of the weight going up over head after the burpee, you’ll just stand the weight up like a deadlift and then bring it back to the ground.