At Firewall Workout:

EMOM x 12:
3 Power Cleans

2 Rounds for time:
125 Double-unders
75 Air Squats
25 Power Cleans (95,65)

At Home Workout:

Rotate Through For 15 Minutes:
5-10/arm Upright Row
5/arm High Plank Thoracic Rotations (no reach through)
5 Tempo Push-ups (:03-:06 descent)

2 Rounds For Time:
200 Single Unders
75 Air Squats
50 Alternating Hang DB Cleans

Goal: <10:00
CAP: 14:00
STIM: Switch Single Unders to lateral hops over a DB and cut reps in half if you don’t have a jump rope. Air Squats should take around 2:00. Keep range of motion consistent from rep 1 to rep 75 both rounds! Hang Power Cleans should be completed in 1-3 sets. You can elect to go with a power clean or muscle clean technique (we recommend muscle clean since there isn’t too much should use outside of this movement in this workout).