At Firewall Workout:

AMRAP 2 x 10:
12/9 Calorie Bike Erg
9 Front Squats (135,95)
Rest 1:00

At Home Workout:

30 Jumping Jacks
10/side Lateral Bear Crawl Steps
:30 Straddle Stretch
6/side Spidermans
6/side Quad Touch Downs
12/side Heel Pump Calf Stretch
10 Reverse Snow Angels
10 Scap Push-ups
10 Plank Up-Downs
5 Burpee Kick Backs
10 Air Squats
5 Goblet Squats
10/side Ab Bicycles

AMRAP 2 x 10 (rest 1:00 between AMRAPs):
15 Burpee Kick Backs
15 Goblet Squats
In remaining time, perform max rep Ab Bicycles

Goal: >20/side Ab Bicycles
CAP: 29:00
STIM: Each AMRAP will start back up at the top. Keep in mind, you’ll be doing burpee kick backs NOT full burpees. Keep those arms straight when your hands get to the floor and kick your feet back enough where you’ll be able to maintain a plank position for a split second before jumping your feet back up. Be sure to pick up your weight with a flat back before beginning the squats. You should have between :30-:45 each round to get in as many Ab Bicycles as you can. Do your best to have your knee connect to your opposite elbow each time. Remember there’s no set number to hit so you could challenge yourself more by pausing with the knee at the elbow too!