At Firewall Workout:

Build up for 15 minutes:
2 Squat Snatches

For Time:
30 Squat Snatches (135,95)
EMOM perform 5 Bar Facing Burpees

At Home Workout:

EMOM x 16:
Minute 1 – Right Arm Arm Bars
Minute 2 – Left Arm Arm Bars
Minute 3 – Ab Bicycles
Minute 4 – Deadbugs (weighted)

*Additional Notes: There’s no set time domain like there usually is. Give members the chance to work as much or little as they want in each minute. Keep the reps in minute 1 and 2 each round the same. Rest as needed within the EMOM.

Death by…
Alternating DB Snatches and Burpees

Goal: >Round of 7
CAP: None
STIM: This is a funky one and will be pretty quick with a lot of spice! In Minute 1 members will perform 1 alternating DB Snatch ON EACH ARM followed by 1 Burpee, then they’ll rest the remainder of the minute. On Minute 2, they’ll perform 2/arm Alternating DB Snatches then 2 Burpees then rest the remainder of the minute. They’ll continue this ascending pattern until they can no longer complete the amount of reps in the minute.