At Firewall Workout:

Every 8:00 x 3:
50 Box Jump Overs (24,20)
30 Pull-ups
20 Hand-Stand Push-ups

At Home Workout:

:45 Shoulder Taps
:45 Scorpions
:45 Heel Reach Hip Hinges
:45 3/side Shoulder Taps + 3 Scap Push-ups (in a Bear Crawl position)
1:00 Inch Worms (past a push-up position)
1:00 Plank Up-Downs
4/side Alternating DB Hang Hip Pop and Shrugs
4/side Alternating DB Hang Muscle Cleans
4/side Alternating DB Hang Power Cleans
4/side Alternating Renegade Rows
6 Push-ups

Every 4:00 x 6:
36 Alternating Hang Power Cleans
24 Alternating Renegade Rows
12 Push-ups

Goal: <3:00/round
CAP: 24:00
STIM: The most time consuming part of this workout will be the Hang Power Cleans. If you find yourself running up against the 4:00 window, cut reps from the power cleans – not the other movements. Renegade Rows should take slightly over a minute and ideally the push-ups are to be completed without having to break. You’ll be able to hang on for the push-ups knowing you’ll have about a minute rest waiting for you!