At Firewall Workout:

Rotate through for 15 minutes:
9/arm KB Gorilla Row
9 Strict Press

4 Rounds for time:
300m/250m Ski Erg
20 Alt. DB Hang Clean + Push Press (50,35)

At Home Workout:

Rotate Through For 15 Minutes:
10/arm Single Arm DB Gorilla Row
10/arm DB Curls (add in a negative if weight is too light)

4 Rounds For Time:
10 Strict Burpees
20 Alternating DB Hang Clean and Push Presses

Goal: <7:00
CAP: 10:00
STIM: The strict burpees should take less than 1:00 to complete each round. Be sure to show an actual pause at the top of a plank when you’re going down for your strict burpee and locking out your push-up. If you need to adjust to your knees, go to the top of a plank first, drop your knees to the floor, do a knee push-up, extend your legs back out lifting your knees off the ground getting you to the top of a plank again, and then kick your feet up to your hands to get back up. Catch the DB in a dip position so you’re ready to launch the DB off your shoulder for the following push press each time after your hang DB clean.