At Firewall Workout:

For Time:
25-50-75- Meball Cleans (20,14)
50-100-150- Double-unders
(-) = 25 Strict Burpees

At Home Workout:

54 Sit-ups
27 DB Squat Cleans
54 Double Unders
27 Jumping Lunges

Goal: >5 Rounds
CAP: 27:00
STIM: Be smooth and steady on this one. Treat the DB squat cleans like a medball clean. Keep your feet in one spot. Bring the DB as close to the ground as you can without touching the floor because we don’t want you to crush your fingers. If you’re going to do Single Unders instead of Double Unders double up the reps to 108. If you don’t have a rope, do 54 lateral hops over a DB. Jumping lunges are total reps (27) so 13 on one leg and 14 on the other. Switch to stepping lunges if needed.