At Firewall Workout:

AMRAP 2 x 8 Sets:
Alt. Between A/B
1:00 between sets

20 Alt. Renegade Rows (50,35)
MAX Toes-to-Bar

15/12 Calorie Ski Erg
MAX Medball Cleans (20,14)

At Home Workout:

1:00 Inch Worms
1:00 Alternating Pigeon
:50 Scorpions
:50 Trunk Twists
:40 High Knees
:40 Butt Kickers
:30 Lateral Bear Crawls
:30 Heel Reach Hip Hinges
5/arm Push Presses
3/arm Alternating Deadlifts
3/arm Alternating Hip Pop and Shrugs
3/arm Alternating DB Power Cleans
10 Hollow Rocks
10 Russian Twists

AMRAP 2 x 8 sets:
Alternating Between A) and B)
*Rest 1:00 between sets (4 total sets each)

18/arm DB Push Presses
In remaining time, perform max rep Hollow Rocks

12/arm Alternating DB Power Cleans
In remaining time, perform max rep Russian Twists

Goal: Have more than 1:00 of time each round to do core movements
CAP: 23:00
STIM: Perform 18 reps on one arm and then 18 on the other if able for the Push Presses. If needed, you can break them up into 2 sets per arm. For the Power Cleans, keep chest up and back flat when DB is going towards the floor.