At Firewall Workout:

With a Partner:
20 Rounds for time alternating:

10 Hang Power Cleans
10 Front Squats
Barbell (135,95)

Throughout the workout, accumulate 400 Hollow Rocks

At Home Workout:

For Time:
Alternating DB Hang Power Cleans
Alternating Devil’s Presses
*Perform a :45 Plank after each round

Goal: <20:00
CAP: 26:00
STIM: Hang Power Cleans should stay unbroken until the round of 30 (but feel free to keep them unbroken there too). Do the best you can with the Devil’s Presses. Be sure to set your back on every single rep you perform! You’ll do 4 total Planks for :45 including 1 that will end the workout. You can use accumulated time for the Plank meaning it doesn’t necessarily have to be unbroken.