At Firewall Workout:

Open Workout 19.1
Complete As Many Rounds As Possible in 15 Minutes:
19 Wall-Balls (20,14)
19 Calorie Row

At Home Workout:

1:00 jog (in place if needed)
1:00 Spidermans
1:00 Inch Worm + Push-up
:30 Supermans
:30 Hollow Rocks
:30 Deadbugs
:30 Cat to Camels
:30 Side Lunges
1:00 jog (in place if needed)
5 Goblet Squats
5 Goblet Push Presses
5 Goblet Thrusters
1:00 jog (in place if needed)

19 Goblet Thrusters
400m Run

Goal: >5 Rounds
CAP: 15:00
STIM: If unable to run, perform 30/leg butt kickers and 30/leg high knees 2 times through. If you have access to 2 DBs feel free to make it a double DB thruster rather than a goblet thruster. Reps should be unbroken through the majority of the workout. If fatigue really starts setting in, break it up into 2 sets.