At Firewall Workout:

Rotate for 12 minutes:
8/arm Half Kneeling KB Bottoms up presses
8 Chin-ups or Supinated Rows

EMOM x 15:
Minute 1:Calories on a Machine
Minute 2:Russian KB Swings (70,53)
Minute 3: Handstand Push-ups

At Home Workout:

200m Run
30/side Mountain Climbers
5/side Spidermans
5/side Quad Pulls
5/side Lunge Stretch
5/side Dynamic Pigeon
5 Burpee Kick Backs
200m Run
4 Alternating Burpee Deadlifts
4 Alternating Devil’s Presses

3 Rounds For Time:
20 Alternating Devil’s Presses
400m Run

Goal: <12:00
CAP: 15:00
STIM: It’s time to get runnin’ again! We got a relatively quick and simple one for ya today. Decide which Devil’s Press option is best for you (snatch style or DB swing style) and stick with it the whole workout. Try to be nice and smooth on the runs taking no longer than 2:30 to complete the 400m.