Congratulations to Jocelyn on earning this month’s Member of the Month title!!  She is one of the hardest workers you’ll ever meet.  She’s incredibly strong, kind, and encouraging.  Jocelyn has become a staple of the 9am ladies, but she isn’t as chatty as most of them 😉 Thank you, Jocelyn, for setting such a perfect example for the rest to follow when it comes to putting your head down and going to work!  Where someone could easily come up with an excuse to stay home (especially after breaking your toe), you always find a way to make it work.  Congrats again!  Check out the Q&A we did with Jocelyn below!

How did you hear about Firewall and when did you start with us?
I actually remember hearing about Firewall on Facebook when you first came to town; I was intrigued, but I didn’t know what CrossFit was back then. I must have driven by it hundreds of times before I joined (I live less than a mile away haha). I officially started in August, best decision of 2020!

What’s your favorite part about working out?
I love that I have an hour in my day where I am the only one making demands on myself. I really like working out with a group, for the social and fun aspect, and also to keep me accountable. I also love seeing improvements over time, I log my PR’s so I can keep track of my progress.

What’s your motivation? Why do you continue to come in day after day?
CrossFit is awesome because you can continuously improve and there is such a variety of workouts that you don’t get bored. It helps elevate my mood so I can face whatever else comes my way.

How did you turn breaking your toe from a dumbbell into such a positive experience?
Three toes actually lol! I do try to see the positives in challenging situations. The biggest positives are that I felt care and support from so many people, especially at Firewall. People checked in and helped me move equipment, everyone was so nice and empathetic. I am thankful for this supportive community. I also appreciated how creative the coaches were in coming up with modifications to the workouts. Being able to come in and do a modified workout has made healing from this injury so much more bearable.

If you could offer up a piece of advice to anyone looking to try out CrossFit, what would it be?
Try it, even if you think you are too beginner or not athletic. Anyone can become an athlete and everyone was a beginner once! If you have a positive attitude and tell yourself “you can do it,” you will accomplish a lot in the gym.

What do you to accomplish by the end of 2021 both inside and outside the gym?
Inside the gym, I would love to get the hang of toes to bar and kipping pull ups. Outside the gym, I would love to do either a running race or a triathlon again. Before I had my second daughter almost 6 years ago, I used to race triathlons of all distances, sprint to Ironman. In fact, one way I get through hard workouts is to think about how hard it was to finish those last miles of my Ironman in summer heat of Louisville, KY. I draw on past experiences, like hard WODs, my Ironman, and others, to get through new challenges.

What’s your favorite restaurant to go to on date night with your husband? Favorite dish?
It feels like soooo long since we have had a date night, but one of my favorite restaurants in the burbs is Door No. 7 because they have the best lobster crusted sea scallops and pomegranate brussels sprouts salad. Sweet Basil in Needham is another favorite.

What’s your favorite animal?
Dog hands down (we have two). Bunnies are a close second (we also have two).

Would you rather live without the internet or live without AC/heat?
Well, I can say I lived without the internet for the first two decades of life, but I cannot live without A/C! Good thing I don’t actually have to make this choice 🙂