At Firewall Workout:

24 KB Swings (53,35)
12 Box Jumps (30,24)
6 Push-Jerks (155,105)
3 Wall-Walks

At Home Workout:

400m Run
:30 Shoulder Taps
:30 Inch Worms
:30 Bear Crawl Shoulder Taps
:30 Plank Up Downs
:30 Scorpions
:30 Scap Push-ups
10 DB Deadlifts
10 Eye Level DB Swings
10 Overhead DB Swings
5/arm DB Push Presses
5/arm DB Push Jerks
:20 Wall Walk Hold (no hand movement)
1 Half Wall Walk
1 Full Wall Walk

24 Overhead DB Swings
24 DB Push Jerks
6 Wall Walks

Goal: >5 Rounds
CAP: 24:00
STIM: Try to stay unbroken on the DBS. Push Jerks are to be done all 12 on one arm and then switch to 12 on the other. Do your best to keep them as jerks (dipping under the weight after you jump it up versus a push press where you keep your legs locked out). Pick a Wall Walk that challenges you but keeps you in a solid position (no arch in the back). Keep fingers pointing straight.