At Firewall Workout:

500m Bike Erg
15 Toes-to-Bar
5 Deadlifts
Rest 1:00 after each round

At Home Workout:

Rotate Through For 12 Minutes:
:30/side Single Arm Overhead Hold
:20/side Renegade Row Hold
10/arm Single Arm Upright Rows

3 Rounds For Time:
40 Single Arm DB Push Presses
20 Lateral Burpees Over DB

Goal: <7:00
CAP: 10:00
STIM: This is meant to be a fast workout. For some of you speedsters, you might be able to squeeze out sub 2:00 rounds. The goal of the workout reflects that with a little cushion (average 2:20/rounds to get under the goal). Perform 20 Push Presses on one arm followed by 20 on the other. Stay low on the burpees and make sure feet are clearing the DB each rep.