At Firewall Workout:

Rotate for 12 minutes:
4 Strict Pull-ups (:03 pause chin-over bar)
20 Hollow Rocks

4 Rounds for time:
12/9 Calorie Ski Erg
12 Burpees
12 Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups

At Home Workout:

Rotate Through For 10 Minutes:
10/arm DB Bent Over Rows
20 Hollow Rocks

Ladder up by 4…
Alternating Renegade Rows

Goal: >Round of 24
CAP: 15:00
STIM: We got a nice and spicy couplet for you today! The reps are total for the alternating renegade row, so in the first round, you’ll complete two reps on each arm. Pick a smooth pace. This workout is going to get challenging fast!